Our mission is to empower women and girls around the world by putting
mental health at the heart of our social impact work. We believe in the
collective voices and power of women to encourage empowerment in our
community. Join the conversation below!​

Survival Kit for Your 20s

How do we conquer our 20s? Actress, model, and singer Ariel Tatum ​
(Instagram: @arieltatum) & founder of Rahasia Gadis, Dhika Himawan (Instagram:
@dhikahimawann), talks about surviving early 20s and unleashing our full potential.

In collaboration with Rahasia Gadis (Instagram: @rahasiagadis)

Celebrating International Women’s Day

This International Women's day, join author and radio broadcaster Uchiet (Instagram: @uchiet) and singer Yura Yunita
(Instagram: @yurayunita) as they talk about how we can build confidence and exude main character energy in our lives.

A cozy convo with Women by Narasi (Instagram: @wmnbynarasi)