loves me knot loves me knot studs

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we designed these loves me knot studs as an update to our best-selling sailor's knot. if you take a second look, you might notice these knots resemble a heart. it's a nod to one of our favorite (and sweetest) emblems.
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- gold-plated brass, cubic zirconia
- weight: 2.22g
- width: 0.5"
- handcrafted

Care Label:
storage and care
- store your jewelry in a dry environment with minimal amounts of light and oxygen. we suggest placing your jewelry into a poly bag then into jewelry storage case.
- remove all costume pieces before bathing, washing your hands, and applying any hairsprays, lotions or fragrances.

- avoid jewelry cleaning products (such as liquid cleaners or jewelry specific polishing cloths). these cleaners are typically used for fine jewelry and can contain solvents that can damage or remove electro-platings and erode the glues holding stones in place.
- use a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils on the piece. if necessary you can dampen the cloth with warm water. avoid using any soap or detergents.