Cherish the Beauty of Spring 2023

It all started with that moment, in this case, it all started with a gust of wind when
@naura.ayu finally realized that everything always ends up working out.

Spring Essentials

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  1. Sam Icon Nylon Small Shoulder Bag
    Rp 5,590,000
  2. Sam Icon Nylon Small Tote
    Rp 5,590,000
  3. Sam Icon Nylon MIni Pochette
    Rp 3,590,000
  4. Knott Large Shoulder Bag
    Rp 8,790,000
  5. All Day Large Tote
    Rp 5,590,000
  6. All Day Large Zip Tote
    Rp 7,390,000
  7. Morgan Small Slim Bifold Wallet
    Rp 2,390,000
  8. Morgan Zip Card Case
    Rp 1,990,000
  9. Lock And Spade Lock & Spade Bracelet
    Rp 1,790,000
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